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Finally, the cutest dog on TV gets the recognitin he deserves. Starring as Sooty's sidekick in The Sooty Show, Sweep is funny, talented and not only that...he's Superdog! For the first time ever on Video and DVD, join Sweep (and the rest of the gang) in 6 exciting adventures.

Superdog and the Comedian
Superdog has amazing powers, he can fly faster than you could imagine and he can hear when someone is in distress. Will he be able to defeat his enemy, 'The Comedian'?

Spring greens have an effect on Sweep - he bounces. Runner beans make Soo run. Whatever next?!

Hot Stuff
Sweep becomes a fireman and every time he sees a fire or smoke he turns on his hose. Matthew always ends up getting wet!

Sweep's Family
Sweep has a mother, father, brothers, sisters, grandad, grandma, uncles, aunts, cousins and nephews and they all have mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandads and grandmas. Sweep has invited them all to his party!!

Honking Nose
Something very odd is happening. Soo and Sooty have discovered that Sweep's nose 'honks' and his ears 'ring'. How bizarre!

Swinging the Lead
Sweep is feeling bad, he hasn't done his homework. He makes Scampi powder his face so he looks pale and ill. Will he get away with it?

Starring: Sooty, Sweep, Matthew Corbett and Soo
Running Time: 118 mins
Languages: English
Certification: U

Price: 9.95

Product Code: SOOY5
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